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3 Things That Changed When I Practiced Gratitude

I write down 5 things I am thankful for every day in my awesome Start Today Journal from Rachel Hollis. This is to prepare me for my day, when I am either having a cup of coffee with my first born two year old while he drinks hot chocolate in a coffee mug, or when my kids are playing for the first half of the day and I am sitting in a kids chair, or before the entire house wakes up around 4am. Looking for 5 things that I am grateful for in each and every little and big thing that happens and looking forward to writing it the next day.

This has changed my perception so much.

When you are a stay at home mom, military wife and trying to pursue a career in music (who DOES THAT?! Oh wait, hee-hee, me) it's easy to get caught up in the set backs. Your toddler who dumps Legos on their sibling, making sure the house is clean, laundry, practicing during nap time and making sure you get a blog post in, scheduling podcast interviews and figuring out what you are going to do for dinner...


Practicing gratitude has helped me:

1. Stay calm (which I strive for so much and I had a friend come over for coffee the other day and she mentioned how calm I was for having two kids, which I preceded to laugh and thank her generously, so I guess it's working?)

2. Figure out what I get excited about and brainstorm all of the possibilities from there. I love a good feeling of what things could go totally right but sometimes as a stay at home parent it can be hard to see. Today I was able to write down ideas for businesses I have in the future and I know that my creativity would not even be open without being grateful for the small things in the present.

3. It has allowed me to RECIEIVE. I am a huge gift giver, helper, people pleaser. I am in a competition called Opening Acts and it is a donation/voting based contest. Currently I am in 4th place and 10 winners are selected to open for artists like Taylor Swift, LIZZO, Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers. When I found out is was the ONE AND ONLY Taylor Swift has a headliner you better BELIEVE it fueled my fire to share with others! Having friends, family, fans and strangers vote for me on all social media outlets and the amount of money that has been donated to MusiCares has been huge for me. To the point where I was crying because I was so overwhelmed by the people who wanted to vote and help me. Even if I do not win, the lesson and the silver lining is that I am grateful for the amount of love and support that people have given to me. To everyone that has believed in me, thank you so much.

4. It has allowed me to be present. When my friends are with me, my phone is in another room, or in my bag, or somewhere I cannot see it or touch it. When I am with my kids, my phone is in the kitchen while I am in the play room. It allows me to look for the GOOD in everything. I know I am becoming more laid back and more embracive in the moment.

I challenge you to write down 5 things that you are grateful for, every morning before you start your day with your coffee, for 21 days. I promise you the world will change around you!

If you would like to vote or donate votes in which the proceeds go to MusiCares, a foundation created by the GRAMMYs to help struggling artists in times of emergency situations, with campaigns helping families of Mac Miller and others, please donate votes to help this amazing foundation.

Thank you all for reading, I am grateful for your support and your eyes! Please share this with someone who could use a little positivity and encouragement.


Your Cheerleader,



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