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Someone Questioned Your Dream? Read This.

As a musician, with big dreams, it is constantly questioned. When you are on a path to following your ambitions and things that set your heart on fire, there will always be people along the way that will tell you

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Are you going to get a million dollars? Probably not."

"Oh, you should do this instead"

"Oh, well, best of luck to you"

"What about your kids?"

Recently I went to the Rachel Hollis conference RISE in July. Her husband Dave Hollis dropped this bomb of clarity I never knew I needed: " People will push their impossibilities on you."

It all made sense.

When people tell you that you cannot do this there's a few things going on:

1. You're on the right track. The world is going to test what you manifest. There will be so many people who will push what they did not pursue or even tell you it's probably not going to happen because it did not happen for them. They do not want you to get your "hopes" up. They do not want you to be disappointed. Thank them, be grateful for them. Because...

2. This, my friends, is the world telling you to keep going! Achieving the dream is hard work, and there will be blood, sweat and tears. Do not let it be an occurring thing where you cry things out or sit on the couch and binge on Netflix. When you do that, THEY, the people who said you can't , THEY ARE WINNING! The harder the work, the sweeter the taste. You have do to this not only for yourself, but do it for them, too! Show them how it's done! You have to guard your heart and find others who will want the same dreams as you. Find a running group if you want to run a marathon, find a songwriters group if you want to be a songwriter. Birds of a feather flock together!

3. Rachel Hollis says, "Maybe someone has done it before you, but no one has done it LIKE YOU." Someone has opened a restaurant where you can buy clothes before you walk to the bar, but no one has sold costumes like YOU have. For me, Taylor Swift is an awesome songwriter and Carrie Underwood is one of the best singers of all time. But I have to find out deep in my soul what makes me stand out from everyone else. And so do you! There is a dream on your heart, everyone was given a gift and talent from our Heavenly Father or The Universe, whomever your higher power is. And it can be anything! No dream is too small. Do not let others tell you how big your dream is or how it is not going to happen.

4. YOU DO YOU! You are on the right track. If people are going to criticize you, you know you're getting somewhere. You have to ruffle up some feathers on the way. Ruffle them up and be fabulous! When you have that confidence that nothing, and no words are going to stop you, you create this strong presence that will not be reckoned with. Stand firm in what you are doing and you will start to attract others who will support you, love you, and follow you along the way. There ARE people in your corner, and there ARE people who want to see you succeed. People can smell fear, so put some cookies in the oven and tell them like Lizzo says, you are not just a snack you are the whole dang MEAL!

Have an awesome rest of the week.


Your Cheerleader,



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