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Who I Am, and Who Are You?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hey y’all!

I’m Allyson LaCour, I’m a singer/songwriter. I am outgoing, lover of many things like “oh my gosh I LOVE this song” love, followed by “oh my gosh this song is my JAM!” I play the guitar and I write about things I’ve been through. It’s hard for me to not write from experience, and I let inspiration take me away more often then the cowboy from the Dixie Chicks song. (Huge influence, by the way.) I am spontaneous, silly and weird whatever you want to call it these days but far from basic except maybe my Starbucks order. ( Grande Caramel Macchiato with coconut milk).

Here’s a few things I LOVE:

I love people and I love helping others believe in themselves and what they are doing.

I love fashion, Vogue and InStyle are on my coffee table on the reg.

I love my friends, and being intentional about spending time with them.

I love personal development.

I LOVEEEE to travel.

I was raised on pop then was introduced to country when I was 10. Total Game Changer.

I love makeup and watching tutorials on social media are so therapeutic to me.

I love singing with my friends in the car and making karaoke videos.

I love dancing, whether its choreographed, fitness, or even in the kitchen while there's noodles on the stove and I have 8 min with temporary stirring with my boys for a dance party to help get me through the last half of the bedtime routine.

I love making hot chocolate for my first born son and putting it into a coffee mug while I drink my coffee before the sun comes up.

I love going on really fun dates with my husband.

I love writing.

What do you love?

Sometimes people, especially moms after they have been home for a while, or people who have been so comfortable with what they've been doing in their career or even the normalcies of life forget who they are and what they love. Then when they start to pursue it, they have a hard time being confident in saying it. Writing down ten things that you love and finding a way incorporate it into your daily life is a great place to start. My mom always had my write lists, and now it's definitely apart of my being. So here I am going to pass it on:

What are 10 things you love to do?

What you LOVE doing?

What's one thing you can start doing on that list once a week? A new dance class? A guitar lesson? Give it a shot. Write a few words a day. Go to a networking event and meet new people! Go have dinner by yourself and get out of the house for a while. Give it a shot. I cannot wait to hear what happens! Let me know how your week goes!

Enjoy your week!



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